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Happy Hippo Bath

Magic Elf Dust Bubble Bomb Dust

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If you've been good, magic bubbles will appear!

When the elves get busy, they leave behind magic elf dust! It's how Santa knows if you've been good or bad.

Add it to your bath - if it bubbles and fizzes, you've been good!

Pour Magic Elf Dust onto the top of the bath for an eruption of fizz, bubbles, fragrance and colour!

Blue, red and green swirl in your bath and as the colour spreads from the fizzing top of the bath down into the water!

This bubble bath bomb dust not only makes bath fun, but has all the skin softening and soothing effects of our Bubble Bombs!

A perfect gift for the Santa or Elf lover of any age!

98% Natural Handmade and hand poured This product plants one tree.