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My First Bible and Prayers

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Hardcover Picture Book

Introduce your children to some of the greatest stories ever told with My First Bible Stories and Prayers! This beautiful collection of 28 Bible stories for kids from the Old and New Testaments is perfect for families to share together. Read the tales of the animals walking two by two onto Noah's ark to escape the flood, Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus getting baptized and walking on water, and many others. Refer to this sturdy, paddedboard book full of prayers, stories, and poems about blessings, guidance, nighttime, being scared, and any situation where we may need God's guiding hand. Whether it's an Easter gift, a Christmas book, or simply an addition to the family's little library of Christian books, your family will definitely want this Bible and prayer book.
- Short stories or rhymes allow adults to adjust how many stories and how much time to spend reading every day. The stories of the Bible are retold in simple language to help boys and girls ages 3-8 understand. Several stories for nighttime reading can be read together or individually for a quick 5-minute read.

- Bond with your child through family storytime and strengthen a love for books and reading. Classic stories for kids to enjoy for years!Infants, toddlers, and emerging readers will enjoy this storybook and create cherished memories with loved ones
- Introduce Christian and religious beliefs to your little ones with 125 prayers, poems, and stories