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On the Farm Wooden Magnetic Shapes

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Mudpuppy On the Farm magnetic letters are lots of fun. Each colorful wooden magnet is a barnyard animal or something else found on a farm, as illustrated by Barn Eyes: horses, cows, sheep, duck, cat, kittens, rabbits, dogs, pigs, hen and chicks and rooster, goat, mule, a bushel of apples, corn, carrots, hay bales, mice, a red tractor, and the farmer himself. Decorate the refrigerator or any metal surface for a real down-on-the-farm good time. The full magnetic backing will hold the letter firmly in position.

- Resealable double snap package closure
- Magnetic pieces made of 80% recycled wood
- Package contains 85% recycled paper
- 40 1-3/4 tall wooden pieces per set
- Printed with nontoxic inks